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Doing some DIY work? Need added protection for employees/workers? Whether you suffer from allergies or donít like the odours from what you are working at, itís always handy to have some disposable masks at hand.

These handy packs of dust masks are elasticated for universal use. They will protect against non-toxic dust and powders and innocuous gases.

Please note: if you are working with hazardous dusts, gases or aerosols then these masks are not recommended. Please click here for dust respirators...


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7p per mask

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These polycarbonate, scratch resistant glasses are a must have for any professional or serious DIYer. Safety goggles always come in handy, so these pairs of safety goggles are great to have close to hand either in the work place or at home.

These safety glasses feature a wrap around design, with adjustable side arms. Couple that with the moulded nose piece and you will find yourself with one very cool-looking pair of safety glasses.

Purchase your pair of protective safety glasses now, from as little as:


86p per pair

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