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These are brilliant, in our opinion. They are double sided pads, and they are much more flexible than the alternative thicker sanding blocks; and even normal sandpaper (aluminium oxide sheets).


These silicon carbide abrasive pads can be folded, scrunched up and bent and they will still maintain their abrasiveness and will not easily crack. And that is what makes them ideal sanding curved and contoured surfaces.


The pads work extremely well as a normal sandpaper substitute, especially for denibbing woodwork and when used for varnishing and oil-coating e.g. Oil based varnish, Osmo Top Oil, or Polyx-Oil. They are available in three different grits: 60 (coarse), 100 (medium) and 220 (fine).


· 60 grit pads, idea for bare/untreated timber and wooden flooring;

· 220 grit pads, ideal for lightly keying (sanding) in between coats of oil, varnish and lacquers;

· 100 grit pads will do similar and just about any other job too.



Dimensions:  12mm x 122mm x 98mm

Double-sided abrasive sanding pads
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