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A torch is one of those items it’s best to always have at hand—just in case. And with this rechargeable torch, no matter what the need it is likely to be more than sufficient!


This is a high intensity two million candle power rechargeable torch. It is designed to illuminate with ease and  it has a built-in and sealed 6V/4AH rechargeable battery.


The rechargeable torch has been built with ease-of-use in mind. The torch’s two handle shape allows you to grip in a conventional manner or in a pistol grip, whilst the stand allows you to use the rechargeable torch hands-free.


Heavy duty impact resistant casing with detachable carry strap. Halogen bulb and tempered glass lens. Mains and in-car chargers included


· Rechargeable Halogen Bulb Torch

· Tempered glass lens

· Heavy Duty Impact Resistant Casing

· Detachable carrier strap

· 2 million candle power

· Can be used hands-free

· Includes both mains and in-car chargers!



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2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Torch

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