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It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and there’s nothing more prudent than making sure your bicycle is fitting with decent head and tail light lamps.


This set of bicycle light lamps are perfect for any bicycle. With a clear light LED lamp for the head of the bike, and a red light LED lamp for the rear—this 2 colour bike lamp set is a bargain!


Each LED bike lamp is easily affixed and has seven adjustable light settings. Whether it is for you or as a gift for your loved one, when cycling your bike needs to have lamps.



· LED Bike Lamp Light Set

· 1 Red and 1 Clear

· Bracket for easy attachment

· Requires two AAA batteries




Buy your set of two LED bike lamp lights today, for only:

(including UK delivery)

5-LED Bike Light Lamps | LED Light Bicycle Lamp in Clear and Red head and tail led lamp set

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LED bicycle lamp, bike lamps lights
LED bicycle lamp, bike lamps
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LED Bike Light Lamps - bicycle, bike, cycleBike Lights | Red LED Bike Lamp, Clear LED Bicycle Lamp