chrome bath and sink plug chain with stay

Chrome Plug Chains for Baths, Sinks and Basins | Chains, Plugs and Stays

These are high quality chrome plug chains, and are available with or without the relevant size plug (stopper) and stay. The plug chains are perfect for the bath, sink or other such basin. The plugs chains are available in 12” or 18” lengths.


The 12” plug chain is perfect for the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. The chain’s chrome ‘ball’ design makes it ideal to blend into any sink or basin in any kitchen or bathroom design.


The longer 18” plug chain is better suited to bath tubs and larger sinks and basins. The chrome “ball” chain design makes it suitable for any bath in any bathroom design.


Each chrome plug chain comes with the appropriate fittings. And you have a choice to buy your bath chain or sink chain with a threaded stay (that’s the thing that connects the chain to the bath/sink—see pictures on the right) and an appropriate plug (stopper). Plugs are available in white or black (the 1½” size fits most sinks, while the larger 1¾” size is for bath tubs).


Use the menu on the right to securely purchase your chrome plug chain, stay and plug.

chrome bath and sink plug chain
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